here is no place for love, compassion or trust in drow-vocabulary. They are perceived as weaknesses untolerated by their unmerciful goddess. Friendship in drow-society is based on mutual benefits, on common cause. Still, whenever and however a drow is granted with a potential opportunity to murder, a drow rarely lets it pass unused. It is all about the pleasure of Lolth, which grants a status, an illusionary ranking taken away by the power-hungry drow at the first sight of potential weakness. There is no place for the weak in  Valtin

Geography Edit

Valtin was located in Southern Northern Region of Altaron South of Ellesmera Mountains.

It was connected to the surface via tunnels which eventually leds to orc-held caverns in the Mountains

Menzoberranzan is a journey of several tendays East Valtin[10] The path tho Valtin is dangerous and often seen as inhabitable he city was located in a large V-shaped cavern


The city was located in a large V-shaped cavern.

The city had magically controlled lighting. The city structure was built of layers of petrified webs that were bathed in faerie fire that was usually purple, amber, green, and yellow. Hundreds of webs stretch across the cavern, with nearly vertical webs connecting layers; for ease, the city was generally split into eleven major horizontal levels.Dwellings on the webs resembled cocoons and were located on both the top sides and bottom sides of the layers.

The higher the level in Valtin, the richer and better its inhabitants were. Non-drow needed permission to visit the upper levels. However, in the lower levels, few drow were found on the streets. Only slaves[16] The business section of the city was located on the middle levels.[17]

Water runoff along the cavern wall fostered farms of molds, lichen, and fungi. The cavern floor was used for the rearing of deep rothe tended by goblin slaves.[6]

Multiple gates lead into the city.

History Edit

Founding Edit

Valtin was founded in by exiles from Lium who had sided with Vish. Afterwards it's inhabits were encouraged themselves to found another city honoring Lolth, the Spider Queen and Vish their "Savior" An avatar of Lolth herself appeared and gave her blessing to this plan, decreeing that the two cities were to remain friendly with each other.[8]

Locations of interest Edit

    • The Unnamed Inn a fine inn located on the seventh level. It's Well suited for those of Wealth and those who are upperclass. It's four Building tall. It sells all Alcohol and most of all foods
    • Keepers a good inn located on the ninth level. Not as good as the Unnamed but if you'[re looking for a good looking women or men to have fun with they offer slaves at low prices.
    • The Lizard's Kiss, a cheap inn located on the tenth level. IAlso offered slaves as well as pets for your enjoyment,Seen as low- level and filthy as per it's inhabitants are creatures of all types.
    • The Serpent, an inn run by an orc and located out of the way.[