English: Toa Ling
General Information
Element/s: N/A
Ailment/s: N/A
Weakest to: Fire
Weakness Sign: Falling to the ground for a full minute
Signature Move: Claw Attack, Acid Blast( throws acid)
Habitats: On random roads
Monster Size: Extremely Large

Shen Gaoren are giant Spiders-crab like creatures that roam the land.



Identifiable by their grey skin, towering legs and the gigantic green-yellow balls of acid that they generate and hurl from the rear of their bodies. Toa Ling  are so large Shung Lao Shung skull for protection. Their colossal size helps them to defeat most creatures. The diet of Shen Gaoren is unknown; however, it is likely to be omnivorous, like most real-life crabs.


Unlike the Lao-Shan Lung, Shen Gaoren will occasionally pause to attack the hunter directly, trying to slam one of its huge claws down upon an annoying hunter. It may do this twice or even 3 times before proceeding along its path through the valley


Shen Gaorens are relatively passive by nature. They move about without noticing hunters; however, when enraged, it may attempt to attack hunters by using their huge sturdy claws or by moving their legs and pincers wildly.