Talder Edit

A Snowy Region Taldera is famous for its enormous wildlife and its lack of settlements. Novallis and Avan dominate this region, of which Avan is the capital city and by far the largest. The people of the Talder are capable of adapting to many things.They have a deep sense of community and love that holds them together through anything

Avan Edit

The Main Region Here most races who can deal with the extreme cold live here.

Frozen city of the north, famous for their Polar Guards is the home of some of the toughest cold weather people anywhere. Avanthal creates a unique survivalist atmosphere in a wintery wonderland that is normally locked in ice.

Places of interest Edit

  • Moonshire, A Inn made entirely Of Ice that is Ten Feet tall It is the only inn around that Area. They serve all Food and Alcohols
  • Har: A structure of the ice that is said when worshiped it grants wishes.

Novallas Edit

South of Avan. An Icy region where mainly houses are