A Constantly Snowed City  

As a wealthy port metropolis, with over 42,000 inhabitants (although that almost doubles in the summer months), it is an important merchant city of Altaron. Its strong Watch and the presence of tmercenary company maintain order within the city. The city's unique shape, curved around its harbor, gives it the appearance of a crescent moon. The docks and shipping facilities are among the most efficient along the coast and the city relies heavily on the ships that dock there. A large open marketplace, called The Wide, dominates the northeast portion of the walled city, and other large structures include The High Hall, seat of the city government, the High House of Wonders, a large temple .

History Edit

The city takes its name from the great seafaring hero Nolindar.[1] Long ago, Nolindar sailed to the fabled Sea and returned with great wealth which was used to build the wall around what became Nolindar's Gate. He left the city again, presumably to return later, but never returned.

At the time, the growing town was controlled by local farmers who mercilessly taxed incoming shipments. This infuriated ship captains, who believed that since the harbor wasn't walled in, its traffic should not be taxed, and they eventually overthrew the farmers. Vish would later take control of the city which bowed down with little opposition.

Places of interest Edit

  • Taverns
    • The Blushing Mermaid: Located in the Northeast corner of the Upper City. The Mermaid is renowned up and down the all of Altaron as a meeting place for those who wish to conduct illicit business. It is a noisy place frequently beset by brawls, and patrons either go in heavily armed

groups or do not survive for long. Architecturally, the Mermaid is long, low, and gives every appearance of imminent collapse. It is surrounded on three sides by a tangle of stables, outbuildings, and enclosures. It is known to have at least four levels of cellars, and innumerable stories abound of hidden passages and connections to the city's sewer system. The tavern's rooms are low of ceiling and dim of lighting, furnished with mismatched and much-abused furniture. A representative of virtually any illegal group operating in Nolindars Gate can usually be found somewhere on the premises. The establishment serves sea-ale, stout, light lager, and whisky. The Mermaid operates around the clock.

    • Elfsong Tavern: Located just inside the gate to in the Lower City. An establishment similar to the Blushing Mermaid, but more popular with adventurers and independent operators than with the established organizations of the underworld. Patrons are expected to go armed and are responsible for their own safety. The building itself is two stories, large, and elegantly built, albeit somewhat dilapidated. The establishment serves virtually every kind of alcohol known, and is also known for its sandwiches, pickles, and fish, meat and diary products as well as deserts.
    • Lafeur: Located just south of the Blushing Mermaid in the Upper City. A small, two-story establishment.
    • The Latame: A three-masted ship moored on the northeast side of

the harbor along shore Street. Infamous as a den of drinking, gambling, prostitution, and the occasional murder. Patrons are advised to come armed with plenty of weapons and coin, and to leave their moral scruples on the dock. There are three lower decks currently in use by the establishment.

  • Inns
    • The Cloak: A high-end inn, boarding, and feasting establishment. Located in the Upper City, on Belltoll Street. The establishment is favored by wealthy locals as a fashionable place to dine and chat, and by wealthy travelers for its superb accommodations. An entire floor is devoted to long-term occupancy rooms. The Helm and Cloak is frequented by many powerful individuals, both from the city and afar. The decor is elegant while somehow managing to retain the best of

informal good taste. It is rumored that hidden inside the inn are the helm and cloak of Nolindar himself, but nobody has yet been able to fin them. Apart from its food the establishment serves mead and cinnamon-spiced milk, but no beer of any sort, as well as any deserts you can think of

    • Three: A quiet, high-end establishment, intended for quiet rest rather than revels. Located along the east wall of the Ducans Palace. Three stories tall and of middling size. Most of the walls are crammed with bookshelves, and most of its patrons spend the day in napping, reading, and low-stakes gambling. Most sounds are absorbed by the thick rugs and wall-hangings. Patrons are not permitted to carry weapons, and rowdiness is not permitted. The Threes serves many varieties of wine.
    • The Blade and Stars: Located in the Lower City, on Windspell Street.

A middle-grade establishment named for its enchanted signboard, It depicts a scimitar held by a human female hand, with (enchanted) twinkling stars drifting slowly around the blade on a black background. The inn itself is very long and tall, two stories in height. Decor is simple, clean and fairly new. The Blade and Stars is notable for its security, which is very effective at handling both thieves and disruptive patrons.

  • Purple Wyrm Inn:Here is where anyone and any creature can afford to stay here, It's a dinky establishment where theifs and those who love blood-shed and mischief sleep, dine and gamble.know for it's prosituation ring as well as it's slave auctions if you're looking for a really good time here is where you'd go.

Auctions Houses and Slave Rings Edit

  • The Whores Glory: If you're looking for a good times and low pay here is where almost of the women and men are seen and for a low prices they'll do whatever you'll request, they are often seen at Purple Wyrm Inn.
  • Ginsh: An Auction House, These are Slaves who've often been captured here are slowed and many on their own will if you wish to buy a slave here is where you'd go