The main human population is concentrated in this region, divided into a series of fortified independent cities of which Syliras is the capital. Temperate to tropical, this area is controlled by the Syliran Knights and is considered one of the most civilized sections of Mizahar.

Slyria Syliras is the cultural melting pot of where folks are slowly rebuilding civilization in a setting forged the rule of Vish Place of the massive Ironworks, extensive agriculture.

Sahova An island colonized to serve as a  for Magical Begins Sahova has stood the test of time and continues developing weapons for a Vish All Magical Users may live here
Zeltiva A port city surrounded on three sides by mountains, Zeltiva is the home of the finest shipbuilders and sailors in Altaron.  trade in both goods and ideas. All
Nyka A religious city known as the Celestial Seat, Nyka is ruled by a council appointed by Vish aka the Celestials the Celestials. Finding strength in numbers, these gods and their warrior monks try to run the city according to their individual talents. All
Sunberth A former mining town almost entirely destroyed in the Vish rule is populated by the descendants of the mine workers. They hold a tremendous grudge against the way their ancestors were treated, and have come to believe that the post-cataclysm chaos is actually better than the "order" taht vish  preceds . As such, they have a great antipathy toward anything resembling "civilization" in the law-and-order kind of way. Human