The Masks a criminal organization in Unknown Location They controlled the criminal underworld of the citites and performed assassinations, kidnappings, extortion, smuggling, and blackmail.

The Night Masks were headed by a council of Drows lled by Orbakh, who reigned supreme over the entire guild. The guild was structured so that the higher up the leadership chain someone went, the more protection that person had. Orbakh, being supreme ruler was therefore the most protected. Those who pass the test of Chaos reported directly to Other High Ups. Each Leader had several lieutenants who lead four-man squads of rank-and-file rogues: thugs, assassins, tricksters, etc. Whatever type of agent was needed for the job delegated to them. These squads were kept ignorant of any other squad so if something happened to one group, others could not be affected. The watchwords for the Guild were "plausible deniability". The elite of the guild are the Deathbringer


    the Night’s although Already Established in Lium and Viltain  didn’tcome out to the rest of the world until Vish came to power, when they cementedtheir secret rule over the certain cities mostly Drow.