There is no place for love, compassion or trust in drow-vocabulary. They are perceived as weaknesses untolerated by their unmerciful goddess. Friendship in drow-society is based on mutual benefits, on common cause. Still, whenever and however a drow is granted with a potential opportunity to murder, a drow rarely lets it pass unused. It is all about the pleasure of Lolth, which grants a status, anillusionary ranking taken away by the power-hungry drow at the first sight of potential weakness. There is no place for the weak in  Lium

Few have entered the mirage of beauty that is Lium and fewer still have ever escaped the horror of it. Still, the illusionary beauty of the city and its wicked citizens is breathtaking, many have been betrayed by the magnificentlights and statues that form Lium facade, and all of them have been slain without mercy and without hope. The cold beauty of Lium is far too inadequate to fill the hollow and empty hearts of drow-elves, one of the most feared races in all the world. 

However, there are some sole survivors that have emerged from the dark depths ofValtin to oppose the cold might of Lolth, and have prevailed. Many of them are trapped in the drow-city, gnawed by their cruel cousins' malevolence, but strong in their hearts, nonetheless. But there are some true victors that have escaped the clutches of Lolth and her minions, have abandoned their crooked ways and run, run from the darkness that is Lium forever. 

and their blood spews out like rain as it coated the city~ Vish



It was located in the Upper Altaron, located in a huge arrowhead-shaped cavern, some two miles wide and a thousand feet high. The city was mainly carved from calcite and it was filled with blue, green, and violet faerie fire. Buildings with often covered with the city's main motif: the spider, in honor of Lolth.[2] The roof of Lium was covered in paths. Some homes were 1,000 feet above the floor. Ceiling houses had to have great magic to prevent them from falling, and many were empty.

An enchantment in the city cavern reduced echos from all the noise.

Aliases City of Spiders
Drow 98%
Human 1%
Orc 1%


Human  10%

Orc 10%

Elfs 40%

Other 30%

Religion Lolth
Population 2,234,903 free, 0,923,032 slaves[3] i

2,234,903, drow, about 0,923,032 slaves[


Lium the Kinless, a powerful priestess of Lolth, founded the city that bears her name in Drow Language By the wishes of Lady Lolth, Her along with her families lived peacefully for awhile.

Although Liums, having no immediate external enemy, fell to attacking and undermining one another -- exactly what they had hoped to escape -- to the greater glory of their evil goddess, who loved chaos. Only fifty years after the city's founding, a great and terrible battle between the two most powerful Kingdoms Vish's and Lium occurred. This battle led to the collapse of a cavern wall that destroyed four houses and killed Lium Husband, but defeated Vish army causing him to fall back.


In approximately 2,000,000 drows in the city, with 1,000,000 of them considered nobles of the 5,000-7,000 noble houses. Slaves included , goblins, ogres, ogrillons, orcs, Humans, Elfs, You name you they probably enslaved it .[5]


The city exported poisons, mushrooms, riding lizards, spell scrolls, wine, and water (clean water could be hard to come by in the Underdark).[3] Other goods included body dyes, chains, everdark ink from deep dragon scales, giant slugs, herbal medicines, kayaks, musical instruments (flutes, drums), obsidian carvings (often used for sacrifices), perfumes, spells, spiced sausages, stone sculptures, Ects, and wine.


The city had many different factions, or Houses, all of which vied for power. however, only females truly held power. Officially, the city iunder the rule of the Ruling Council of Eight(Npc although the position is up for grabs), composed of the eight and most powerful eight houses.[3]


The worship of Lolth was prevalent, and the worship of any other deity was forbidden


a large entertainment district in the Middle of the city

Entertainment is perhaps not the most obvious word connected with Lium but the city nevertheless provided recreation and relaxation (as much as possible) to its (drow) inhabitants. Taverns are plentiful and brothels can easily be found offering slaves for your enjoyment. The Bazaar offered food, shopping, street performers, and even a game tent or two "Houses of delights," massage parlors, and public bath houses, all of which were usually manned by slaves, offered their services.

Well-to-do drow, particularly nobles who were not busy plotting to overthrow their rivals or guarding against usurpers of their positions, were fond of wild parties and dances.

Sava was a popular chess-like game that represented war between noble houses. It was often played in taverns.]

Areas of interest


The Brae

Sick and outlawed drow's live here, along with the many non-drow inhabitants of the city. This is definitely the slums. Drunken drows sometimes hunt in this area, killing any and all who couldn't hide themselves


Most commoners, including mercenaries and lesser merchants, live in this neighborhood. While better than the Brae this is still where you would find many poor and outlawed drow and non-drow of no discernible means. Despite the lack of wealthy residents


Home of the well-off commoners of the city, Tradesfolk and their shops/businesses are mostly found here. it is the most varied and tolerant district in the entire city.


This is the home of the wealthy and up-and-coming drow houses. of the most luxurious and profitable of businesses are located in this neighborhood

West Wall

minor noble houses and the proudest of the non-noble drow families live here. Escorts provided attractive drow of either sex to escort those who desired them or to act as tour guides to visitors..


The space occups the dominated and most powerful noble Drow houses( Drow only)


The location of the three academies It is the highest point in the city and is protected by two giant spider statues that could be animated to protect the academy. It is located in a side cavern on the northern side of the city.[58]

Places of interest

The Bazaar
A permanent market located in middle. Nearly anything could be bought here, for a price. It is also the location of many unlicensed and illicit activities.

Slaves Keep:

This is where you can buy or sell slaves

Liun Inn:

A Large five buildings high end that is detailed and well decorated. Drow only business

Lake Ten

This freshwater lake in the eastern side of the cavern is the source of much food in the city. A small amount of fishing was done in Lake