Lao Shung is a massive mountain dragon whose scales became rockhard from WALKING THROUGH MOUNTAINS. That's right, Lao walks through mountains. He wants to walk through some more mountains and through a fort so he can totally trash the Gathering Hall and the Village. You've got to stop him, obviously.

There are two Lao Shan Lung

there is regular Lao,

and there is Azure Lao (Hard-Ranked), who is the monster of Urgent Quest.

What do they dropEdit

  • Sword
  • Axe
  • Skin
  • Gems, Diamonds, Rubies, Ect

What is this fight like? Lao Shan Lung is walking towards a fort the Guild constructed to stop him from reaching town. You must stop Lao from reaching and destroying the fort.

There are two ways to clear a Lao t - either repel him or kill him.

Repelling Lao is you must either have monster twice his size