Is a location in North Of Altaron it exists far out on the sea of Spira and is known as a city of light that never sleeps.


Geographical information
Human 20%
Elves 20%
Drows 4%
Other 50%
Government Ruled By Altaron


It is an Island is a Round-Sphere shape that sits in the middle of the Ocean


A thousand years ago the cities Nolindar and Kalin were at war, which came to be known as the Machina War. Unable to stop Nolindars armies, the leader of kALIN , Minsha, sacrificed his people to save himself. Millions were killed in his selfishness and even thousands more were injured, Legend has it Minsha then summoned a creature of Nightmares to protect the city an ancient dragon of unspeakable powers to keep the metropolis in a dream state at the height of its power, and to defend it: Sin, Minsha only gave the creature one objective: to defend Kalin.

Vish Take over:

Vish being the cruel person he was destroyed the dragon and took over the city, with it's legendary creature destroyed and it's King vanquished Vish took over it and it's armies.

Places to check out:


  • Hidden Dragons: is an inn next to the bridge

There are Seven floors in the inn; the ground floor is the main bar, the rooms are on the top floor.

Slaves and Auctions Houses:

  • Vintar: A Large Three Story Inn type establishment that allows people who decide to pay for their woman or men(or both) to do to their women/men as pleased. many times they do not come back.