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The first thing a new player should do is to go to the Altoron wiki and review the Things You Need To Know, the Valterrian, study the maps, review regions, and do some browsing of cities just to get a feel for it. Getting a flavor for the local environment will help considerably when deciding on a character concept as a whole, which is the most important part of roleplaying in Altoron. . Altoron thrives off of character interaction, and each new player brings a breath and scope to the game that can never be anticipated. People are encouraged to breathe life into their characters through the stories they tell, their characters interacting each other, and within the Altoron World.

Read the Rules and Browse the Wiki Edit

Before you begin playing, be sure to read the Rules. Once you have a Firm grasp of the rules go ahead and start your character.

Starting your Character Edit

Starting a character is relatively simple. It requires you to make a few decisions about your who your character is, as well as his/her background. As you read through the following sections, it might be helpful to take out a piece of scratch paper or open a notepad on your computer to start taking notes on all the decisions you make as you read through this guide. That scratch piece of paper or notepad document will form the basis of your Character Sheet when you get to that section. Character Sheets. It can also be posted in the Imvu Group page ( )

Now, it's time to create your character! This is the fun part. Whether on scratch paper or using a template from the CS forum help threads, this is one of the funnest parts of getting started on Altor'on

Character Name Edit

Hopefully you've already picked your character name w If not, feel free to do so now. Multiple word names are allowed.

Race, Age, and Gender Edit

Next, select a race and all the attributes that go along with that race (age, gender, physical appearance). By reading each of the races, you can get some idea of what those races are like, ,and where they commonly live. If you choose to make your own race please when you fill out the character sheet post a description of the race and a brief description

Appearance Edit

After you decide on a race, you will have a better idea of the physical description of your character, Pick height, weight, skin color, eye color, hair color and anything else distinctive that might represent who your PC is

Picking a Home Region, City, or Other Domain Edit

The second big decision after Name, Race and Gender is basically 'Where are you from?'. Which area is your PC from W Most PCs should feel free to start out in any open domain of their choosing. A domain consists of a city or area of interest that has an active storyteller.

Character Concept Edit

By now you will already know a great deal of information about the character you want to play. Developing a 'character concept' is the next step -- some idea of your PC's personality, interests, and goals. Is your character a restless rogue, one that enjoys a life of carefree thievery? Does s/he feel driven to pursue an honorable life of sacrifice, perhaps as a Knight? Would your PC enjoy a quiet life, devoted to one of the Gods? It's not necessary to decide everything right now. However, knowing what sort of basic personality your character has will be very helpful as you start playing.

Personality Merits and Flaws Edit

Altor'on is a community that values well-rounded characters. Each PC should have both strengths and weaknesses designed into their concept. Characters quickly become 'cardboard' if they are absolutely perfect - or absolutely imperfect - physically and emotionally. People inherently have fears, weaknesses, trust issues, challenges, or character flaws. Maybe someone doesn't let others close to them, or yet another player has a problem with chronic pain and is addicted to herbs to control that pain. Perhaps a character is generous to a fault and routinely gives too much of themselves, even to the detriment of their own personal situation. Your PC doesn't need to be a psychopath (although they're certainly welcome!),

Starting Package Edit

Now that you have the basics your character selected, it's time to give them some skills. Please read the Starting package page thoroughly. Each PC begins with some basic gear, a home or horse, and 50 skill points to use as you see fit.

Read the starting package page thoroughly, add what it gives you to your notes, and be ready to start your Character Sheet.

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Create your Character Sheet Edit

Here you will post your character