Is a city Located South of Ellesmerea

The Elves of Éwayëna, unlike many Elves, were known to be less wise and more dangerous, but were nevertheless one of the most powerful and legendary of the Elves.

They planted a tree in the middle long ago. Today it stands tall, healthy and green in sharp contrast to the city around it. For we are the poorest of the poor, the unwanted and the unwelcome. Dangerous they say? Blood-thirsty Perhaps... We are banned from going to Ellesmerea...For they are the light and we are the dark.. We are allowed to go there, to work on the docks or in their taverns and in their homes, but when dusk comes we must return.

Major Species Elves
Location Near Ellesmerea
Terrain Forest
Climate Cold
Main Industry Unknown
Capital N/A
Government Ruled by Vish
Head of State N/A

Ellesméra was the capital of the elven kingdom and the residence of the Elven Queen, Arya. It has been protected by Gilderien the

Our elder tells us that the tree is called the vhenadahl, and in the ancient elven tongue that means tree of the people. Its roots are deep and the elder says that as long as the vhenadahl lives so shall we. But he also says that there was once a time when our people lived in their own lands. He says that we were once ageless and strong, that it was the humans who took all this from us.

Is it true? Have we fallen so far? We are not unhappy. As poor as we are, we have a home. This is no prison, it protects us, just as the vhenadahl shelters us. We dance and sing and make merry, stealing what moments we can to enjoy what little we have and I believe

And perhaps the day will come when the Vish come and try to take the from us, too. If that day comes, I swear He shall regret it. ~Random citizen.


is a very green land, bounded by rich seas to the west and south. In the north, extends to the River, beyond which lie Orge Territory. The extent to the east unclear


The history of Éwayëna, is one that is constantly reforged in revolution and blood. The earliest accounts of Éwayëna are purely legend, stating that it was a place of beauty and tranquility. Then Vish came. He became known as "The Court". He coveted Albion and demanded that all men bow down before them. When the people of Éwayëna,refused, The Court burned Éwayëna, until the earth was black and the air was choked with smoke. He demanded obedience a second time, only to be refused again. As their next punishment, The Court raised the ocean into the sky and flooded the land. A third time The Court demanded that men worship them, promising to usher in an age of peace and end misery. But the few remaining people stood strong against The Court, and refused a third time. So The Court twisted their minds, until brother slew brother, parents abandoned children and friend killed friend. Finally the people of Éwayëna,conceded, and bowed to the court. Thus the The Reign of The Court began, where the few people who survived (and their descendants) toiled for many years, erecting structures and monuments to glorify Vish

The population dwindled, and those who survived would wake each day to a darker world. Distance bred suspicion, which grew into bloodshed. Villagers fought for food, land, livestock and fresh water. Soon, they were even fighting over women of child-bearing age. Mercenaries sold their sword to the highest bidder and fought in a series of petty squabbles. If they did not like the price being offered, they extracted payment by threatening villagers. Women were sold as slaves and Pets,